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Atlanta is growing like kudzu, and is a major transportation hub, and a major business and convention center. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was the first local newspaper to be offered online with Prodigy. Other local publications include Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine.

Habitat For Humanity provides homes to those in need, by building houses and providing no-interest loans to buy them

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company was the first American company to perform on London's newly reconstructed Globe Theater stage. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is now in its 50th season. Over the past decade, the ASO has enjoyed two European tours and garnered fourteen Grammy awards for its recordings. The Atlanta Ballet is the longest running ballet company in the country.Other cultural venues include The Atlanta Opera, The Alliance Theatre Company, and the High Museum of Art.

Atlanta is a true "world city" with 36 international banks, 43 consulates and 1575 international facities representing 45 nations.

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Joel Chandler Harris
Margaret Mitchell
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

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The Olympics

By now, the whole world knows the site of the 1996 Olympic Games. Yep, it's Atlanta! A number of websites devoted to this year's games can be found, with varying degrees of complexity and coverage, including the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games Home Page. Also check out this "Top 5%" site on the Atlanta Games.

Everything Else

When I was growing up in Atlanta, there were five pro sports teams: the Falcons (football), the Braves (baseball), the Hawks (basketball), the Chiefs (soccer) and the Flames (hockey). The Chiefs aren't around anymore, and the Flames have been replaced by the Knights.

DragonCon 1996 is a major annual SF/Fantasy convention


Some of the statistics herein are taken from the following books: The Encyclopedia of American Cities, 1980 edition, by E.P. Dutton Publishers; and A Marmac Guide to Atlanta, 1989 edition, by Marge McDonald. The accuracy of some of the facts may be in doubt due to the age of the information, but any errors should be considered my fault (for failing to check for more current information) and not the fault of the authors and publishers of the source material.

Other bits of the information on this page are taken from other websites on Atlanta. In some cases, details from one page differ from those on another page. One site, for example, lists Atlanta as the 13th largest metro area in the country; another lists it as the 9th largest. I have no way of being sure which is correct.

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Atlanta History / Atlanta Today / Facts & Figures
Atlanta Colleges & Universities / Native Sons & Daughters / What to See & Do

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