Just 'Cause

Just 'Cause

just (adj.) - consistent with moral right; fair; equitable; properly due or merited

cause (n.) - a goal or principle served with dedication and zeal; the interests of a person or group engaged in a struggle

Below is a list of links to sites about some of the many 'causes' that concerned persons of all kinds might have. Not all those listed below are things I personally carry banners for, but I don't feel that my own causes are the only legitimate ones. I hope this list will grow and broaden in its scope over time. Please e-mail me if you know of a worthy cause that is not represented below, or want to add a URL to one of the existing headings.

I really do want your help in determining what goes on this page. I will try to group related subjects together, and if you have input on that, I'll listen, but I will not make any attempt to "prioritize" these links, so don't ask! Different things are important to different people, and I can't anticpate everyone, so I'm not even going to try.

Finding links is easier than deciding which ones to include; the advice I gave Peni on links for the X-Files page was to put up a link to one place that is attempting to be a comprehensive, one stop shopping X-Files site, and then add links for those places she thought were especially noteworthy due to content, design or originality. I find myself unable to follow my own advice on this page, because I don't imagine myself competent to decide, for example, which of the Womens' Issues links are the best ones for women to look at. I can guess, of course, as I can guess about sites related to ethnicity, politics or sexual preference, but that's all I can do. So why do a page like this at all?

Just 'cause I wanted to...

The Environment | Disease & Treatment | Women's Issues | Minority Issues | Gay & Lesbian | Handicapped | Children & Family | Animal Rights | Government

Multiple causes: La Voz de Esperanza

The Environment

The Cousteau Society
Earth First! - no compromise in defense of Mother Nature
Grand Junction Project Office
Greenpeace International
Rainforest Action Network
US Environmental Protection Agency
Green Parties of North America
Environmental Organization Web Directory
Environmental Resources Directory (gopher)
EnviroWeb -- A Project of the EnviroLink Network
Other Ecological Organizations
Other Environmental Resources
Environmental Law Around the World
Sustainable Sources Environmental Website
Things You Can Do Today

Disease, Illness, Treatment & Recovery

Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics
The Recovery HomePage
Recovery Related Resources
List of Recovery related sites
Allergies-- The Allergy Information Center
ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Alzheimer's-- Alzheimer's Association
Autism-- The Autism Channel Link
Bipolar Disorder-- The Pendulum Pages
Breast Cancer-- Beth Israel Health Care System Homepage
Breast Cancer-- Breast Cancer Information
Cancer-- OncoLink, The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource
Diabetes-- On-line Resources for Diabetics
Down's Syndrome-- The Family Empowerment Pages
Hemophilia--The World Federation of Hemophilia
HIV/AIDS-- International AIDS Candlelight Memorial and Mobilization
MD-- MDA - Muscular Dystrophy Association
MS-- MS Direct Multiple Sclerosis support
Maple Syrup Urine Disease-- MSUD Family Support Group
Myasthenia Gravis-- Myasthenia Gravis Links
Parkinson's-- Parkinson's Web
Psoriasis-- The National Psoriasis Foundation
Raynaud's Phenomenon-- Raynaud's Foundation Home Page
Sexual Abuse-- The Survivor's Page
SIDS-- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Network
Stuttering--The National Center for Stuttering

Women's Issues

World Wide Women
Where the Girls Are
National Organization for Women
Women's International Center
Women's Resources On the Internet
Advancing Women
WWWomen - the Premiere Search Directory for Women Online
NARAL - National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
CLNet's Chicana Studies Home Page
ALewisDeSalle House of Links
Feminists for Animal Rights
Domestic Violence Menu
Feminist Majority Foundation
Sexual Assault Information Page
The Abortion Rights Activist
South Asian Women's Net homepage
Women Homepage
The World's Women On-Line!
Women's Resources
Women's Link
Women's Room
Women's Wire Home Page
Women in Computing - TAP: The Ada Project
WWW Women's Sports Page by Amy Lewis

A few for the guys...
The National Organization for Men
Men's Issues Page
Dave's Dad Page
Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange

Racial/Ethnic/Religious Minority Issues

I apologize if the current politically correct term is not being used in every case below. It has been my experience (as a free, white, over-21 straight male Anglo-Saxon Protestant, admittedly) that different racial/ethnic/religious "labels" are acceptable or not depending on who you talk to. Do I say "Indian" or "Native American", "Hispanic" or "Latino", "Black" or "African-American"? Even persons belonging to those groups don't universally agree. What chance does that give me?

Why can't we all just get along?

Religious Tolerance--Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

By group--

Asian-- Pi Alpha Phi Gamma Chapter Home Page
Asian-- Asian American Resources
Asian-- W3C/ANU - Asian Studies WWW VL
Asian-- South Asian Women's Net homepage
Black-- KWANZAA Information Center
Black-- The Universal Black Pages
Black-- Selections from The African-American Mosaic : A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
Black-- WWW Virtual Library: African Studies
Buddhist-- DharmaNet Home Page
Islamic-- About Islam and Muslims
Jewish-- The Jewish Web World Homepage
Jewish-- Judaism and Jewish Resources
Jewish-- Jewish Defense League Home Page
Latino/a-- Phi Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta, Inc.
Latino/a-- Hispanic Heritage
Latino/a-- CLNet's Chicana Studies Home Page
Latino/a-- LatinoLink Home Page
Latino/a-- LatinoWeb
Latino/a-- WWW Virtual Library: Latin American Studies
Mormon-- Space Mormons: An Internet Guide
Nat. American-- Native American Home Pages
Nat. American-- Native American History and Archaeology Resources on the Internet
Nat. American-- Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
Nat. American-- Other Native American Resources on the Internet
Nat. American-- White Indian Homepage
Nat. American-- The Cherokee Messenger
Nat. American-- Bureau of Indian Affairs
Nat. American-- American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Nat. American-- Ojibwe Language and Culture, by Nancy Vogt
Quaker-- Quaker Resources Page
Romani-- A Compendium of Gypsy Resources

Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian/Transgender Issues

Queer Resources Directory
Queer Infoservers: Health and Sexuality
Home Pages of Queer People Out on the Net
Queer Infoservers: General Women's Sites
Lesbian Links
!OutProud!, The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth
Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
QueerAmerica - The National Database of Lesbigay Resources
Stanford Queer Resources
Transgender Forum Resource Center

Handicapped, Disabled, ________-Challenged

Amputee Home Page
College & Career Programs for Deaf Students
WIC Select Health & Medicine: Disability
Blind Links
Deaf Gopher - Introduction
Deaf World Web
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Disabilities Directory (gopher)
Disability Resources

Children, Family and the Elderly

CHILD QUEST INTERNATIONAL - Finding missing children
Ohio Right to Life
American Childcare Solutions
Children, Youth and Family
Child Safety Forum
Children's Rights Council Home Page
Family Internet Home Page
National Parenting Center
A Ram Amongst the Briers
Welcome To SAFE-T-CHILD Online!
SurfWatch Home Page
SafeSurf Home Page
For All the Special Kids in the World
Pediatric Points of Interest
Facts for Families
Family Planet
Faces of Adoption -- America's Waiting Children
Foster Parent Home Page/Foster Care Providers
Web Resources For Social Workers
Welcome to Senior*Com
Directory of Web and Gopher Aging Sites
Eldercare Web
Internet Resources in Aging

Animal Rights

ALewisDeSalle House of Links
Feminists for Animal Rights
Animal Rights FAQ
The Manual of Animal Rights - Index
Animal Research Data Base
ARRS-Hosted Home Pages
PETA Home Page
PETA On-Line
International Wildlife Coalition
Bat Conservation International Top Page
Friends of the Sea Otter
The Otter Page
World Wide Raccoon Web
Whale Adoption Project Home Page
Audubon Society
Sierra Club Home Page
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
World Guide To Animal Rights
House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Animals, Legal treatment of
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Animal health, well-being and rights
Picture Gallery

Government Issues

This section is meant for things like government spending, government censorship of the Internet, and so forth. A link to the 1996 Presidential Election is included, on the theory that some of the candidates may include issues of interest in their campaign platforms. Other than that, I do not expect to have much here in the way of political links.
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Election 1996 Homepage
U.S. National Debt Clock
Stop The Communications Decency Act
Telecommunications Act of 1996
VTW Focus on Internet Censorship legislation

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