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Believe it or not, we aren't always reading. Sometimes we're on the Computer (you'd never have guessed that, right?). Since, except for some of our net surfing, we're almost never on the computer together, I've referred to it as "a common interest that keeps us apart". That can sometimes be a good thing. Presently Peni and I are both spending so much time at home we might drive each other crazy otherwise. For anyone interested in what kind of computer we have, it was built to our specifications at a local computer store, so it has no brand name as such. When we bought it (August 1994) it was near the high end of the scale in PCs for home use; Pentiums at that time were only for really serious "power users", 4x speed CD-ROM drives were available, but not yet the "standard" speed, etc.
Here's what we have: The medium tower that houses the computer also features I added/upgraded the controller card, the modem, the tape backup unit and the larger hard drive all over Labor Day weekend in 1995. Needless to say, I didn't do much else that weekend. In terms of software, we have installed a great variety of things -- a few of which we actually use, including:

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