We did have a scan of the cover for THE TREASURE BIRD, but it was removed at the request of the cover artist, who had some concerns about the electronic distribution of her work.

Bridgette Schmidt of Covington, KY sums up the story:

"Your book, The Treasure Bird, was good. I really liked it. Some of the reasons I liked it are how Goldie gave the clues to the treasure and when Jessy stuttered. Those things made it seem more real. Plus the clues fit together and made sense once you figured them out. Your book was really neat."

Many authors are inundated with poorly-written, poorly-thought out letters from children required to write to an author in class; but the letters I get are thoughtful and to the point, like the one quoted above. Hurray for Bridgette, Matt, Joshua, and all the rest!

Cover illustration by Bob Crofut, copyright 1993, used by permission. Thanks to Walker Harper, professional graphic artist, for the scan. My most popular book to date begins in 1891:

"Odett, of course, had spent her weekly nickel, and wanted Ada to share hers when they passed El Dulcero, the candy man, on their way home. A bevy of schoolchildren were already crunching pecan-filled envueltos and chewing flat, nutty pipitorios. 'Eight years old is big enough to manage money,' Ada began, putting her almost-thirteen years of authority into her voice."

But it's the end everybody tells me they love. And Violet, who helps Ada out when she comes to 1991, is everybody's favorite character, including mine.

Cover illustration copyright 1994 by Yoshi Miyake. Used by permission. Thanks to Walker Harper, professional graphic artist, for the scan. This is my Gramma's favorite of my books, and it begins when Mary Jane writes:

"The first thing I want to say is, I don't think I should be the one writing this. I'm only one of us that did all this. Mr. Sanchez says the important thing is to get someone who can put the right words in the right order, though, and that's me. Plus Heather and Donnavita and Rainbow all say no way are they going to write on something this long. So..."

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