Cover illustration by Walter Velez, copyright 1994. Used with permission. Thanks to Walker Harper, professional graphic artist, for the scan. When I found that many children younger than the marketed age group were reading my previous books, I thought I'd try writing something geared a little younger than usual. My favorite part is Caroline and Hector's riddle contest with the sphinx:

"'I thought sphinxes were really smart. Can't you answer new riddles?'" asked Hector.

"'I can answer all kinds!' The sphinx popped her head up, and her eyes flashed.

Caroline had never seen eyes that did that before; it was kind of nervous-making."

Cover illustration copyright 1996 by Karen A. Jerome. Used by permission.

Some serious stuff goes on in this story, but I wrote it mainly for the fun of figuring out how to get Margo and Butch from one end of the house to the other, using the limitations of their wooden doll bodies. All kinds of things are obstacles that wouldn't normally be - like Margo's cat Sasquatch.

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