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Pulp Related Items For Sale/Trade

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Although I am not a dealer, periodically I will have a small number of items I want to sell, due to a sudden need for cash, a growing need for space on my shelves, declining interest in some portion of one of my various collections, or whatever.

I occasionally purchase original Shadow pulp magazines, with the sole intention of making a photocopy for myself before reselling the original. I suffer from a peculiar form of brain disease, common to collectors, that might require me to try to track down and purchase copies of all of the original Shadow pulps if I were to hang on to these that I have bought for too long. Please help combat this terrible disease and buy one or more of these fine, highly collectible magazines.

Original Shadow pulps for sale or trade

Shadow pulp photocopies for sale or trade

Misc. (non-Shadow) pulp-related items

Stuff I Need

Shadow titles I haven't found so far -- Shadow titles I have only in Poor condition--

Shadow titles I have in some format other than a photocopy of the original (U.S. edition) pulp --

Whether or not any items are listed above, I am always interested in trading photocopies of Shadow pulps or tapes of Shadow radio shows. Please check my lists of pulp copies and my radio shows to see if you have anything I am missing. Thanks!

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