My Shadow Radio Show Collection

My Shadow Radio Show Collection

cassette/LP recordings of original broadcasts

current list as of January 25, 1998
Once again, your neighborhood Blue Coal dealer brings you the thrilling adventures of the Shadow, the hard and relentless fight of one man against the forces of evil. These dramatizations are designed to demonstrate forcefully to old and young alike that crime does not pay.
The list below is not a complete list of the broadcasts from the twenty-one seasons worth of the Shadow radio program; it is a list of the copies I own. Twenty-one years worth of weekly broadcasts produced a lot of shows, but only about two hundred of them are known to have survived to present day.

At the end of my list, I've added a list of shows I know to exist, in the collections of other collectors or dealers, which I do not yet have.

The number to the left of the title is just my own cassette number; LP in lieu of a number means it's a record album (remember those?)

I don't have dates for all the titles yet. This is because I have so many seasons worth of shows to sift through, and also because a title may have been used more than once, which means I have to try to identify a show based on who provided the voice of the Shadow, or even who the sponsor was. I will be filling in this information as I get it.

In most cases, I bought tapes with two episodes, and I got a number of duplicate episodes this way. Some are of better quality than others. To the right of some of the listed titles are notes about the condition of the recording I have:

Note that I haven't yet done comparisons of all my duplicates, but I'll fill in the comparisons as I get around to doing them.

If you can supply me with a good quality recording of any show I don't already have, please let me know. Also, I am only collecting the Shadow radio shows at this time, but I do have a handful of original radio programs for a few other pulp-related characters if you want copies of them.

These are the Shadow recordings I own...

001 The Story of the Shadow(F-G)(2 hr tape)
002 The Airfreight Fracas(G)(1970's)
010 Aboard the Steamship Amazon(G)Summer 1938
115 Altar of Death(F)03-15-42
061 Appointment With Death(G)03-12-39
054 Appointment With Death(F)03-12-39
110 The Beast of Darrow House(F)03-07-48
025 The Black Abbot Mystery(F)10-05-38
058 The Black Abbot Mystery(F)10-05-38(better)
051 Black Rock(F)11-13-38
008 Blind Beggar Dies(F)Summer 1938
067 Blood Money(G)10-20-46
083 Bones of the Dragon(F)01-11-48
019 Bride of Death(F)03-06-38
073 The Bride Wore Black(G)05-12-46
109 The Brief Fame of John Copper(P)03-11-45British cast?
104 The Bubbling Death(P)12-05-43
117 The Bubbling Death(P)12-05-43
061 Can the Dead Talk?(G)03-19-39
-LP Carnival of Death(G)11-10-40
121 Case of the Burning Skull(F)Australian; not aired in U.S.
021 The Cat and the Killer(F)01-12-47
093 The Cat That Killed(G)12-31-39
006 Caverns of Death(F)Summer 1938
086 The Chess Club Murders(G)02-23-41
020 The Chill of Death(G)01-04-48(better)
083 The Chill of Death(G)01-04-48
091 Circle of Death(G)11-28-37
104 Club of Doom(P)12-19-43Missing final seconds
043 Collectors of Death(F)02-27-49
058 The Comic Strip Killer(F)11-23-47
002 The Computer Calculates, But the Shadow Knows(G)(1970's)
010 The Creeper [I](G)Summer 1938(best)
048 The Creeper [I](G)Summer 1938(better)
063 The Creeper [I](F)Summer 1938
023 The Creeper [II](G)11-03-40(better)
-LP The Creeper [II](F)11-03-40
100 The Crystal Globe(F)10-03-43
100 The Crystal Globe(F)10-03-43
115 Curse of the Cat(F)01-20-46
078 The Curse of Siva(F)12-01-40
073 Curse of the Gypsies(F)10-04-47
082 Dead Man's Ride(F)10-17-48
119 Dead Men Talk(F)09-24-39
054 Death and the Black Fedora(G)01-18-48
111 Death and the Crown of Odalph(F)01-02-49
103 Death and the Easter Bonnet(G)03-28-48
064 Death Coils to Strike(P)03-21-48
044 Death From the Deep(F)10-03-37
070 Death From the Deep(F)10-03-37
-LP Death From the Deep(F)10-03-37
087 Death Has Eight Arms(F)11-02-47
037 Death Hunt(F)10-26-47
087 Death Hunt(F)10-26-47
103 Death In a Minor Key(F)06-07-46
106 Death Is an Art(G)02-11-40
040 Death Is a Colored Dream(F)09-26-48
039 Death Is Blind(F)11-20-38
055 Death On the Bridge(G)03-03-40
059 Death On the Rails(P)04-13-41
024 Death Prowls At Night(G)03-23-41
108 Death Rides a Broomstick(G)03-02-41
004 Death Rides High(F)05-18-47
097 Death Rides High(G)05-18-47
119 Death Shoots an Arrow(F)12-06-42
007 Death Shows the Way(G)12-03-39
113 Death Speaks Twice(G)02-15-42
117 Death Speaks Twice(G)02-15-42
026 Death Stalks the Shadow(G)10-09-38
003 Death Takes the Wheel(F)09-28-47
107 Death to the Shadow(G)03-12-44
091 The Death Triangle(G)12-12-37
008 Death Under the Chapel(F)Summer 1938
090 The Destroyer(G)03-25-45
044 The Devil Takes a Wife(G)12-08-46
-LP The Devil Takes a Wife(G)12-08-46
014 Doom and the Limping Man(G)11-16-47
014 Dream of Death(F)01-27-46/11-09-47
056 Dream of Death(F)01-27-46/11-09-47
098 Dream of Death(G)01-27-46/11-09-47
046 The Drum of Obi(F)10-24-48
082 The Drum of Obi(F)10-24-48
117 Drums of Doom03-19-44Episode is missing!
027 Etched With Acid(F)03-17-46
095 Etched With Acid(F)03-17-46
-LP Etched With Acid(F)03-17-46Tinny sound.
075 Evil in the House(F)11-07-48
020 The Face(G)09-21-47
017 The Fine Art of Murder(P)12-22-46
068 The Fine Art of Murder(P)12-22-46
013 Fire Bug(F)
007 Flight of the Vulture(G)12-10-39
-LP Friend of Darkness(G)02-19-39
050 Ghost Building(G)01-12-41
051 The Ghost of Captain Bayloe(F)02-05-39
069 The Ghost of Captain Bayloe(G)02-05-39
112 The Ghost of Caleb MacKenzie(P)01-26-41
045 The Ghost On the Stair(F)12-29-40
070 The Ghost That Gleams(P)04-04-48
093 Ghost Town(F)10-06-40
101 The Ghost Walks Again(P)03-16-41
013 The Ghost Without a Face(F)03-10-46
089 The Ghost Without a Face(P)03-10-46Sound bleed from other side
096 The Ghost Without a Face(F)03-10-46
012 The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper(F)04-07-46
056 The Ghost Wore a Silver Slipper(P)04-07-46
068 Ghosts Can Kill(F)01-15-39
036 The Giant of Madras(G)05-16-48
079 The Giant of Madras(F)05-16-48
011 The Gibbering Things(F)09-26-43
092 The Gibbering Things(F)09-26-43
033 A Gift of Murder(F)12-21-47
022 The Gorilla Man(F)04-21-46
092 The Gorilla Man(G)04-21-46
078 The Green Man(F)11-24-40
032 Guest of Death(F)12-18-38
080 Guest of Death(F)12-18-38
062 Gun Island(F)10-23-38
116 Hoodoo Ship(P)10-19-41Fades in and out
081 Horror in Wax(P)02-26-39
066 Hounds in the Hills(F)02-20-38
052 House of Fun(G)10-22-39
055 House of Fun(F)10-22-39
077 House of Fun(F)10-22-39
015 House of Horror(F)11-17-40
089 The House That Death Built(F)01-25-48
-LP The House That Death Built(G)01-25-48
038 Hypnotic Death(F)02-12-39Good sound, but staticky
086 Hypnotic Death(F)02-12-39
009 Hypnotized Audience(F)Summer 1938
060 Hypnotized Audience(G)Summer 1938
094 Hypnotized Audience(G)Summer 1938
074 Inventor of Death(F)11-12-39Echo effect
037 Island of Ancient Death(G)03-03-46
080 Island of the Devil(F)01-08-39
062 Isle of Fear(P)10-30-38Margo hard to hear
114 Isle of Fear(F)10-30-38
024 Isle of the Living Dead(F)10-13-40
-LP Isle of the Living Dead(F)10-13-40
038 Joey's Christmas Story(F)12-22-40
042 Killer's Rendezvous(F)12-15-40May be missing dialogue
109 Lady in Black(P)11-22-42May be missing dialogue
031 Laughing Corpse(F)03-10-40
060 League of Terror(F)01-09-38
085 Legend of the Living Swamp(F)05-02-48
045 The Leopard Strikes(F)01-05-41
090 The Little Man Who Wasn't There(F)04-08-45
116 The Living Head(P)02-10-46Heavy static
095 Makeup For Murder(F)12-01-46
105 Mansion of Madness(F)11-05-39Heavy static
122 The Man Who Dreamed Too Much(P)11-19-44[recreation]
041 The Man Who Lived Twice (Thrice?)(F)02-09-41?Bass hum
065 The Man Who Murdered Time(F)01-01-39
052 The Man Who Was Death(F)02-29-48
023 Mark of the Black Widow(F)10-27-40
-LP Mark of the Black Widow(F)10-27-40
047 Mask For Murder(G)10-10-48
048 Message From the Hills(F)Summer 1938
012 Mind Over Murder(F)03-31-46
028 Monkey Women(F)05-29-49
021 Murder and the Medium(F)11-30-47
079 Murder at Dead Man's Inn(F)09-12-48
046 Murder By a Corpse(F)10-31-48
075 Murder By a Corpse(F)10-31-48
122 Murder By the Dead(G)10-17-37[recreation]
105 Murderer's Vanity(F)03-17-40
041 Murder From the Grave(F)04-04-41
076 Murder Incorporated(F)12-17-39
039 Murder In E Flat(P)12-04-39
029 Murder in the Death House(G)01-07-40
094 Murder in the Death House(G)01-07-40
006 Murders In Wax(G)Summer 1938
036 Murder On Approval(G)Summer 1938
063 Murder On Approval(F)Summer 1938
017 Murder On the Main Stem(P)12-15-46
030 Murder Underground(F)03-09-41
118 Murder With Music(P)02-03-46
107 Mystery at Madman's Deep(F)10-25-42
077 The Night Marauders(F)10-01-39
106 Nightmare at Gaelsbury(G)02-01-41
026 Night Without End(G)10-16-38
015 Nursery Rhyme Murders(F)02-22-48
084 One Dead, Two to Go(P)02-01-48
030 Oracle of Death(F)10-20-40
121 Out of This World(F)Australian; not aired in U.S.
118 A Pass to Death(P)02-06-44
057 Phantom Fingerprints(F)10-29-39
120 Phantom of the Lighthouse(F)09-07-47
047 Phantom Racketeer(G)10-03-48
053 Phantom Voice(P)02-06-38
101 The Phantom Voyage(F)02-16-41
066 The Plot Murder(F)02-27-38
112 The Plot That Failed(F)03-24-40
034 The Poison Death(G)01-30-38
071 The Poison Death(G)01-30-38
-LP The Poison Death(G)01-30-38
009 Power of the Mind(F)Summer 1938
099 The Precipice Called Death(G)01-21-40
032 Prelude to Terror(F)01-29-39
088 Preview of Terror(F)06-05-49
035 Reflection of Death(F)05-09-48
085 Reflection of Death(F)05-09-48
031 The Return of Carnation Charlie(F)02-04-40
040 Revenge Is -- Murder(G)09-19-48
028 The Ring of Mahalaylee(F)03-13-49
016 The Ruby of Karvahl(F)10-19-47
099 The Ruby of Karvahl(F)10-19-47
053 Sabotage(F)01-16-38
072 Sabotage By Air(P)03-05-39
081 Sabotage By Air(P)03-05-39
029 The Sandhog Murders(F)11-26-39
074 The Sandhog Murders(F)11-26-39
102 Seance With Death(F)05-25-47
050 The Shadow Challenged(G)01-19-41
057 The Shadow Returns(G)11-19-39
097 The Shadow Returns(G)11-19-39
018 The Shadow's Revenge(F)05-11-47
102 Shadow of Suspicion(P)12-29-46
071 Shyster Payoff(F)11-06-38
019 Silent Avenger(F)03-13-38
034 Society of the Living Dead(G)01-23-38
-LP Society of the Living Dead(G)01-23-38
004 Spider Boy(F)06-01-47
064 Stake Out(P)03-14-48
072 Stake Out(P)03-14-48
076 The Stockings Were Hung(F)12-24-39
049 The Temple Bells of Neban(F)10-24-37
011 The Tenor With the Broken Voice(G)Summer 1938
033 Terrible Legend of Crownshield Castle(F)12-28-47
003 Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll(G)02-15-48
-LP They Kill With a Silver Hatchet(G)05-26-46
067 The Thing in the Cage(F)02-08-48
084 The Thing in the Cage(P)02-08-48Munchkin voices (wrong speed)
049 Three Ghosts(F)10-31-37
018 Tomb of Terror(G)Summer 1938
096 Touch of Death(F)05-19-46
025 Traffic in Death(G)09-25-38
113 The Trail of the Knifer(P)02-20-49
120 The Trail of the Knifer(P)02-20-49
027 The Unburied Dead(F)04-14-46
098 The Unburied Dead(F)04-14-46
-LP The Unburied Dead(F)04-14-46Tinny sound.
043 Until Death Do Us Part(F)03-06-49
069 Valley of the Living Dead(F)01-22-39
005 Valley of Living Terror(F)10-13-46
-LP The Vengeance of Angela Nolan(G)06-27-54
042 Voice of Death(F)12-08-40
114 Voice of Death(P)12-08-40Muffled, but little static
059 Voodoo(P)03-30-41
108 The Wailing Corpse(P)11-08-42
035 The Walking Corpse(F)03-24-46
-LP The Walking Corpse(F)03-24-46Tinny sound.
022 The Werewolf of Hamilton Mansion(F)01-05-47
016 When the Grave Is Opened(F)09-14-47
065 When the Grave Is Opened(G)09-14-47
005 White God(G)Summer 1938
-LP White Legion(G)03-20-38
110 White Witchman of Lawaiki(P)05-05-46
111 Wigmakers of Doom Street(F)11-28-49

Available from Bruce Rudesill:

258 - "The Man Who Lived Twice" (2/9/41)
23  - "The Dreams of Death" (4/28/46) 
The weed of crime bears bitter fruit -- crime does not pay!

The Shadow knows!

Other pulp related radio shows in my collection...

I'm not really looking to expand these right now (and in fact would rather sell what I currently have than acquire more of it, for characters other than the Shadow), but I might take some more of these in trade if you need any of the Shadows above and have no Shadows to trade to me. I've also been known to trade for video tapes of various things, as well as audio tapes of non-pulp radio productions such as the multi-part adaptations of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Isaac Asimov's Foundation series and mystery shows featuring Hercule Poirot, Lord Peter Wimsey, etc.

Green Lama-The Million Dollar Chopsticks
Green Hornet-Double Play

	Clark Kent's first visit to the Daily Planet
	Superman recognizes Dick Grayson - Robin needs help

	3/2/45 guest appearance by Robin, the Boy Wonder
	2/14/46 guest appearance by Batman and Robin	

	#1230 8/15/47 Adventures of Superman
	#1231 8/18/47 guest appearance by Batman and Robin

Green Hornet-
	Classified Ad
	Disaster Rides the Rails
	Figure in the Photograph	4-16-46
	The Gas Pen			4-9-46
	George Haven's Secret		1-22-46
	Hornet Imposter
	Hot Money and Death		10-11-45
	Insurance Political Racket
	The Key Witness
	A Matter of Evidence
	A Pair of Nylons	
	Pretenders to the Throne	12-3-52
	A Question of Time		3-5-46
	Smoothie Lawrence
        The Soldier and His Dog
	The Stuffed Panda		10-4-45
	There Was a Crooked Man
	Turban of Jaipur		1-1-46
	The Unexpected Meeting		8-23-45
	The Voice			12-6-45
	Votes For Sale			9-27-40
	Washington Story
	The Woman in the Case

The Avenger (not the Justice, Inc. character)
	Episodes 1-6

This list should be current as of January 25, 1998.

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