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Welcome to our homepage. Here you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about who we are and what kind of things we're interested in, including some serious stuff , some frivolous stuff, and some frivolous stuff we take seriously. Meet the family:

Damon was born and raised in Atlanta, and moved to San Antonio in 1980. His real name is Mike, but since until recently we lived with another Michael, we have called him Damon for the past 20+ years to keep everyone straight. Damon is the name he chose for his SCA persona: Damon ap Siarl ( Welsh for "Damon, the son of Charles") was a 12th Century Welsh freeman. Present-day Damon works for Bexar County in a computing capacity. Outside of that, his interests include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Peni was an Air Force brat, moved around a lot, and settled in San Antonio in 1979. She's not a famous author yet, but she is a full-time one now. She's been writing professionally since 1986 and has 12 books with major publishers, as well as numerous short publications. Her interests include, but are not necessarily limited to: