Georgia: Elmer Fudd is my Friend

Just before my fourth birthday, we returned to the States. Now you would think this would be a cool thing, right? Well, it was and it wasn’t.

Being in a military family is full of interesting experiences and Georgia was one of them. Remember, I spoke just enough English to get along in my family. The Air Force, in the wisdom that only a branch of the military can have, sent my dad to Warner Robbins, GA. No one was sure whether the spoke English in that part of Georgia or not!

This part of Georgia delighted the phone company when saying ‘heelloooo’ on long distance calls – it took at least 15 seconds to say just that one word! Other words, like ‘buttuh’, took just as long to say. Did you notice the ‘buttuh’? That was another problem no Rs.

The Japanese didn’t have Rs in their vocabulary either. And here I was trying to learn a new language while goin’ to Briar Rabbit’s Rabbit Patch for kindergarten! I was a linguistically confused child. No matter how hard I tried to say radio, it came out wadio. There was one room at the Officer’s Club I really loved – it was wed. I always asked my mom if we could see the wed woom. And seeing a wascaley wabbit was enough to truly do me in. Elmer Fudd was my friend.

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