And on the 7th Day ... I Rested

And on the 7th Day ... I Rested. Well, OK. Maybe I uploaded :-) This assignment has been a fun experience. I love the practicality of it. I've learned, as I said, a whole new respect for those who hand coded those first pages.

Why All Things Work Together? Romans 8:28 happens to mean a lot to me. Beyond that, I realize that everything I have done and experienced works together. I need each piece of knowledge from the past to do the current task. Having read HTML code periodically over the years helped me understand this project. I'm looking forward to adding the pictures and other graphics I envision for these pages.

After finishing in November, I want 2 week of sleep and dreams not interrupted by answers to DQs and ideas for the next paper. After that I may go to New York ... or San Francisco ... or Germany to visit a friend ... or London ... or ... I'm looking forward to the rest of my life :-)

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