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This link is under construction - uh - make that reflection. Reflection is a key component of our learning :-) My first thoughts are that sleep is a vastly overrated commodity, that the last year has been a massive blur and that I'm having a blast!

When this site was first constructed, I had survived 7 (almost 8) of the 11 courses required for the Master of Arts of Electronic Education (MAEED) program and was slightly more than half done with the 8th course. Up to then, much of the material had been familiar because of my career path. In EDTC 560, Applications of Multimedia & Web Page Design, I encountered in HTML more new material than in any class except Research (Statistics) and Ethics.

It's hard to believe that I'm done! While it does not feel as though I just started, and I have definitely been looking forward to the end, now that the end is only three days away, I'm startled by how quickly the end got here. As I regain personal time, what I refer to as "my life", I have no doubt that I will be as busy as I have ever been.

I have a long list of books to start reading; first, I'll finish an outstanding biography of John Adams by David McCullough. I'm not sure which book I will pick up next. During my networking while searching for a new position, I started attending a Careers in Transition workshop at a local church. It is a marvelous program that really helps attendees examine the strengths or weaknesses in their resumes as well as their job and interviewing skills. I had begun to get more involved just before the Capstone class started and will resume where I left off when I finish. In addition, I am applying to Wayland Baptist University, Alamo Community College District (ACCD) and University of Incarnate Word (UIW) as adjunct faculty. I am hopeful that ACCD and UIW will accept me for online teaching/facilitation as well.

Courses Taken

    1. EDTC 510 - Foundations of Distance Education and Training
    2. EDTC 511 - Adult Learning: Theories, Principles, and Applications
    3. EDTC 550 - Information Technology
    4. CUR 524 - Instructional Design
    5. EDTC 526 - Assessment and Evaluation in E-Education
    6. QNT 540 - Research and Ethics in E-Education
    7. EDTC 555 - Internet and Distance Education Delivery
    8. EDTC 560 - Applications of Multimedia and Web Page Design
    9. EDTC 570 - Courseware Authoring

    10. EDTC 575 - E-Education in the Global Environment

    11. EDTC 590 - E-Education Capstone

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