"In 60 or 61 . . . Prasutagus, King of the Iceni, died, and the Romans decided to incorporate his kingdom in the Roman province. When his queen Boudicca protested, Roman troops flogged her and raped her daughters. Boudicca raised the tribe in revolt. Joined by the Trinovantes, they sacked Colchester, defeated the 9th Legion which marched down from Lincoln to oppose them, while Suetonius Paulinus marching back from Anglesey found himself unable to save London and St. Albans. The 2nd Legion which he had summoned from its base at Gloucester failed to arrive (its acting commander later killed himself), and 70,000 Romans are said to have been massacred in the three towns. Suetonius, however, then brought the British tribesmen to battle somewhere in the Midlands, totally defeating them.

Colin Wells, The Roman Empire 121 (1984 Stanford Press paperback).