"It is after the engagement in the Passes of Ollioules (7th September, 1793), where the brave Donmartin, who directed the artillery of the Convention, fell, stricken by a bullet, and exclaiming, 'Long live the Republic!' that Bonaparte, a mere captain, was given the command of all the artillery, while retaining his rank. On the 29th of September, the representatives Gasparin and Saliceti are so well pleased with him that they recommend that he be promoted to the rank of major. On the following day, the 30th of September, they write that 'Bonna Parte' is 'the only artillery captain able to grasp the operations.'

From Editor's Preface, Memoirs of Barras: Member of the Directorate, (Edited, with a general introduction, prefaces and appendices, by George Duruy) (1895, Harper & Brothers Franklin Square, New York) p. lxxiv.

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