The Franks

"The Franks entered the province of Gaul to the north of Trier, Cologne and Mainz in the fourth century, at first as military colonists, or foederati, of the Roman empire to keep out their fellow barbarians. Later they advanced to fill the gap left both by the withdrawal of the Legions and by the destruction by the Huns of the last Roman garrisons in the Rhineland at Trier and Mainz. [p. 8]

"Sidonius Apollinaris, Bishop of Augergne (about 430-87/88), says: 'The Franks are a tall race, a clad in garments which fit them closely. A belt encircles their waist. They hurl their axes and cast their spears with great force, never missing their aim. They manage their shields with great agility, and rush on their enemy with such speed, that they seem to fly more swiftly than their spears.'" [p. 11]

A.V.B. Norman, The Medieval Soldier (1993 Barnes & Noble, Inc.).

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