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These linked documents are a chronological listing of military events, with some additional information added to put events in context. Entries are linked to external sources, where they are known. If you know of WWW or FTP sites that could be used, please let me know by E-mail. Also send suggestions, corrections, and comments. E-mail contributions may be added as source material, so indicate if your message is not for publication. Sub-chronologies are being constructed to deal with specific chains of events, such as Mongol expansion, the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War and World War II. Click here to send E-mail.

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Annotated Chronologies of Military Events

2,500 B.C.E. through year 0

The year 0 through 800 A.D.

801 A.D. through 1498 A.D.

1500 A.D. through 1899 A.D.

1900 A.D. through today

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