Date: December 6, 1996
Subject: History of Napoleon

Dear Richard:

I have taken an interest in Napoleon Buonaparte... In my endeavors to obtain historical information, I found two volumes on Napoleon, published in 1829, by John Murray, of London.

Even though the books, vol one and vol two are very old, they are in excellent condition... They were written eight years after Napoleon's death, and I am fasinated by the contents, of this book. However, I am having a difficult time trying to research whom the author might of been. As the publisher has been recognized on these books, as well as the printer, I am unable to locate the authors name. Is it possible back in this time period,(1829)that the author did not have his name recognized as credit for the research, or the writing that must have taken a while to accomplish? I am so curious about the history of the book.

Anyway the name of the book is (The History of Napoleon) Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street. London. There are two Volumes that make the complete set. They were Printed By Roworth, Bell Yard, Temple bar. The books were bounded by Root and Son. And it says that it is a New Edition. Which tells me that there may have been an earlier printing, if that is what new edition ment during those times. Could you possibly give any information in regards to these books, that might be able to tell me what I have? I came across them along with other older books in a stash of old clothing and magazines at my aunt Elsa's farm in Fresno California.

I would greatly appreciate your help sir in this matter. Thank you very much for your consideration. Please email to me at my email address, posted below. AGAIN SIR THANK YOU very much.

Sincerely, FRANK GREEN (skycap@alaska.net)

Frank: I don't have any information which can help you. I will post your inquiry at my web site, and see if any visitors can help.

You have an excellent resource in those books, written so soon after events. However, I would expect them to be very slanted against Napoleon, since the English were very antagonized about him for the years after his demise.

If there are passages which you think are worthy of quotation, please photocopy them and fax or mail them to me and I will put them up in the chronology.

If you learn of any other Napoleon books that become available, please let me know. I want to gather as many different points of view as I can. You are quite lucky to have found what you have. If you ever decide to sell the books, let me know.



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