(How to Avoid Being Roadkill on
the Information Superhighway)

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Richard R. Orsinger


Here are the Author's recommendations regarding the computer you should buy. These recommendations are valid only through January, 1997. With computer product introduction cycles being as short as 6 months, today's best technology (comparing price to performance) is no longer best after six months. Microsoft says that its next upgrade in Windows 95 will start shipping in 1997. The recommendation is to get an IBM clone, because IBM clones are less expensive than IBM PC's, and because Apple computers are more expensive, because more law-related (and game) software is available for IBM PC clones, and because Apple computer's long-run staying power as a manufacturer is a bit "cloudy."

3. Buy an IBM clone, not an Apple or an IBM.

4. Use Windows 95 as your operating system, not 0S/2 or Windows 3.x.

5. Buy a mail order computer from a huge manufacturer, such as Dell, Gateway 2000 or Zeos. Mail order sellers advertise in virtually every computer magazine. The last three computers purchased by the Author were Dell computers, all satisfactory.

6. When you buy a computer, get next-day on-site repair service for your computer from the manufacturer. Someone will come to your office to repair the machine, the day after you call.

7. For a desktop computer, buy a computer with not less than a 166MHz Pentium processor (best would be a 200 MHz Pentium Pro), tower model, with 32mb DRAM memory, a 17" monitor (it's worth the price increase over 15" monitor), 16 bit sound card, an 8X CD-ROM drive, a fast graphics accelerator card with 2mb VRAM, 3.5" floppy drive, 1.6gb hard drive (2.5gb if you can afford it), Windows 95 with Microsoft Plus! installed, 28.8 fax modem (36.6 preferred), built-in tape back-up drive, Microsoft mouse, speakers, 3-year warranty. This should cost $3,500-4,000.00.

8. For a laptop, buy a minimum 100mz Pentium (133 mz if you can afford it), 11" active matrix color, 16mb RAM, 256kb cache, videocard with 1mb RAM, 810mb hard drive (upgrade as high as you can afford), 3.5" floppy drive, 6x CD-ROM drive, 28.8 fax modem, Lithium ion battery, Windows 95 Plus! Include as many multi-media features as you can afford, to take advantage of video and sound as it becomes more prevalent.

9. Printer: Hewlett Packard Laserjet 5P ($870.00) or its equivalent.

10. Modem: U.S. Robotics Sportster (28.8 or better 36.6 bps), or Cardinal (28.8 bps).

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Created August 28, 1996
Last updated August 28, 1996