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XIX. RECOMMENDATIONS ON INTERNET ACCESS The following recommendations relate to your getting access to the Internet.

A. On-Line Services One possible way to access the Internet is through an on-line service such as American On-Line, Compuserve, or Prodigy. Those on-line services originally offered only the package of products that were contained within their on-line "universe," with some linking to other independent computer-based databases. With the recent popularity of the Internet, the on-line services have been offering themselves as gateways to the Internet. Each service has its own Internet browser, which you can utilize just by connecting to the service. Historically, however, these services have not had the best browsers. This disadvantage to using on-line services may be coming to an end, as the services upgrade their internet browsers. Another disadvantage of using an on-line service to access the Internet is that you must pay connect-time charges to the service when you aren't even using their databases, and are merely using them as a gateway to the Internet. If you spend any significant amount of time on the Internet, you will rack up large hourly charges with your on-line service. For that reason, you should consider contracting separately for Internet access through a local internet service provider which bills you a regular fee for unlimited Internet access time.

B. Internet Service Providers As users flood onto the Internet, Internet service providers (ISP's) are proliferating. There are several nationwide ISP, like Sprint and AT&T. Additionally, there are local ISP's in or near your hometown. The following sampling will give you some ideas. If you travel a lot, you may want to have a nationwide-ISP which you can access from anywhere. If you prefer to use a local ISP, you can have Internet access outside of your hometown using an on-line service like AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, etc.

C. Austin Internet Service Providers Austin Internet service providers include:

Austin Internet Access ( offers unlimited dialup Internet access for $ 25.00/month, dialup ISDN access for $ 50.00/month;

Zilker Internet Park ( offers unlimited dialup Internet access for $65.00/month;

D. Dallas Internet Service Providers Internet service providers include:

Dallas Internet (, located in Plano, offering unlimited dialup Internet connection for $ 24.95/month, with 20 mb of disk space for your home page;

The Dallas On-Line Network, (; no prices were given by their web page so you will have to call (214) 335-7703 to find out;

FlashNet, offering dialup Internet connection, unlimited usage, for 99.00/year or $14.95/month; with 1 mb of disk space for a home page;

OnRamp Technologies (; dialup Internet connection, unlimited usage, for $29.95/ month.

E. El Paso Internet Service Providers Several El Paso Internet providers are:

El Paso NetWorks (, $19.95/ month for unlimited dialup access;

The Rio Grande Free-Net (, which provides free Internet access under the auspices of the El Paso Community College District;

White Horse Communications (, offering unlimited dialup Internet access for $ 14.95/ month.

F. Houston Internet Providers Several of the Houston Internet service providers are:

First Internet: (, which gives unlimited dialup Internet connect time for $ 19.95/month (for quarterly contracting); dialup ISDN is available for $ 39.95 (for quarterly contracting);

FLEXnet Incorporated(, located in Montgomery County, offering service to both the 409 and 713 area codes; offers 10 mb of disk space for your home page; $ 29.95/month for unlimited dialup Internet access.

G. San Antonio Internet Service Providers Two Internet service providers located in San Antonio are:

Texas Networking Inc. (, which services Austin, Dripping Springs, Georgetown, Houston, San Antonio and Boerne, and is expanding into Dallas offering unlimited dialup Internet access for $ 19.95/month (max. 4 hrs. per call);

Internet Direct Incorporated (, which services San Antonio; Internet Direct offers unlimited dialup Internet connect time for one user for $ 19.95/month; unlimited ISDN connect time is $ 39.95/month.

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