(How to Avoid Being Roadkill on
the Information Superhighway)

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Richard R. Orsinger

XXI. URL'S OF INTEREST TO APPELLATE PRACTITIONERS Here is a list of uniform resource locators (World Wide Web addresses) that may be of interest to the appellate practitioner.

  1. The home page of the Appellate Practice and Advocacy Section of the State Bar of Texas:

  2. United States Code, searchable (Thomas):

  3. United States Code, searchable (Government Printing Office):

  4. United States Code, searchable (Legal Information Institute):

  5. Code of Federal Regulations, (searchable):

  6. How to search the CFR:

  7. Federal Bulletin Board On-Line (GPO) Library of Congress:

  8. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure:

  9. Federal Rules of Evidence:

  10. Rules of the United States Supreme Court:

  11. Search U.S. Supreme Court Decisions (Cornell Law School):

  12. Search U.S. Supreme Court Syllabi:

  13. Listen to Oral Arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court:

  14. Decisions of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals:

  15. Texas Rules of Civil Evidence: A copy of this Web page is attached at p. 38.

  16. Texas Rules of Criminal Evidence:

  17. ABA Legal Research Selected Starting Points:


  19. The Internet Academy (explanations for newbies on using the Internet):

  20. FindLaw (index of legal resources):

  21. The World Wide Web Virtual Library (Law):

  22. RealAudio software (with the RealAudio Player, which is free, you can click on a RealAudio link from your Web browser and audio begins playing instantly, without download delays):

  23. The home page for the Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso, Texas:

  24. Links to aid writers in writing.

  25. Wired Magazine (a window on the cyber-future).

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