(How to Avoid Being Roadkill on
the Information Superhighway)

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Richard R. Orsinger

IV. COMPUTERS WILL BECOME THE PREEMINENT COMMUNICATION DEVICE We are accustomed to thinking of computers as permitting us to do what we ordinarily do, only faster. At the present time, many people look upon the computer as a glorified typewriter. Others view the computer as a glorified calculator. Others see it as a glorified set of paints and canvas. Others as a glorified filing cabinet. But computers not only permit us to do old things faster, but they permit us to do new things that we couldn't do at all before. In the future, computers will merge data storage, the production of text, sound and visual effects, and communication, into one device. Unlike today, where separate computer programs are needed for storage, production, and communication, in the future one software program will combine these features, and sending information by computer will be as simple as printing is today. The process of printing a document, then scanning it and faxing it, or mailing it, will be eliminated since they will be unnecessary and time-consuming steps.

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Created August 27, 1996
Last updated August 27, 1996