(How to Avoid Being Roadkill on
the Information Superhighway)

1996 All Rights Reserved
Richard R. Orsinger

V. WE'RE ALL PUBLISHERS NOW. The World Wide Web does more than just give you access to information on millions of disk drives all over the world. Just as important is the fact that almost every person with an AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy or Internet account is now a publisher. What you publish, with little fanfare in the quiet of your office or your home, by putting it on the Internet, becomes available to millions of people. You now have the same opportunity to have your writings read as IBM or Microsoft or General Motors, or any Harvard professor. If you can just find people who are interesting to you, or who are interested in what you have to say, you can have world wide networks of friends. When citizens of one country are talking directly to citizens of other countries, what happens to the middlemen (media, governments)?

Cyber-Futurist Nicholas Negroponte made the following statement in his 1995 book, "being digital": optimism comes from the empowering nature of being digital. The access, the mobility, and the ability to affect change are what will make the future so different from the present. The information superhighway...will exist beyond people's wildest predictions.

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Created August 27, 1996
Last updated August 27, 1996