"Add new name(s)" feature

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Enter a first and last name OR the organization name and then click on [Add].  Your database will be searched to determine if the new name is unique or not. 

If an exact match is not found, the name is unique and another form is displayed that allows you to enter additional information and save the new name.

If an exact match is found, a message box will be displayed explaining that the new name is not unique (duplicate) and recommend that you use the "Find any names on the ..." feature to locate all the exact matches.  You can then review these matches to determine if the name you are trying to add actually already exists.  If you review the match(es) and determine that this is in fact a valid name shared by more than one person or organization, you will have to use the "Duplicate this name" feature to intentionally duplicate it with enough additional information to distinguish it from the other duplicate(s).