"Image Gallery" feature

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Displays the respective digital images for those names on the Selected List that have an image associated with them.

For images to be displayed or associated with a name, you must enable the imaging feature from the Options menu.  By default, imaging is disabled to improve product performance. You must enable it every time you launch the LISTmanager.

To associate an image with the displayed name, double-click on the image window.  Enter the full path name include the image name (E.g.: C:\BONSAI\WINLIST\IMAGES\BCLINTON.JPG). We found through our customer research that images are frequently stored in a variety of different locations: file and image servers, folders and/or directories.  Based on this information, we decided to allow you to specifically map an image to the displayed name.  If the image is unavailable or cannot be located for any reason, it will simply not be displayed.