LISTmanager features

List management is a tedious task often requiring a person or persons to utilize their personal computer for extended periods of time.  We have designed several ergonomic features to reduce eye strain and minimize keystrokes.  Review our robust and extremely powerful feature set and then strategically apply them to achieve your desired benefits.  



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Add new name(s),   Add this name to the selected list,   Change this name,   Cut to Windows clipboard,    Duplicate this name,    E-mail (Microsoft Outlook) this name using...,   Find any names on the ...,   On which lists?,   Print the displayed names...,   Remove this name from the...,   Reposition to the...,   Save my changes and  Toggle.



Add new list(s)Build list(s) from the selected list,   Combine list(s),   Duplicate the selected list,   E-mail (Microsoft Outlook) the selected list using...,   Edit the selected list's description,   Export the selected list to...,   Image gallery,   Import a LISTmanager...,   Match list(s),   Print the selected lists...,   Randomly sample the selected list,   Remove the selected list,   Reset the selected lists...,   Split the selected list,   Statistics for the selected list,   Subtract lists from the selected list and View the selected list in tabular format. Add new group(s),   Edit the selected group's description,   Print the selected group...,      Remove the selected group,   Statistics for the selected group.